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hi, I am Antonia.

Becoming a mother and "slipping" into the mother role has been the most emotional phase of my life so far - deepest gratitude and motherly love were just as much a part of the agenda as exhaustion on a level I had never experienced before.

With Para Familias I have fulfilled my dream and created a place where parents - no matter where in the world - can get support with this massive task of being a parent. Everything has its place here at Para Familias.

my story.

Based on my own experiences - professionally but also privately as a mom - I see it as my personal mission to support families in challenging phases of life.


It fullfills me and gives my life more purpose - it's my passion.

My journey to where I am now professionally began at the age of 15 in my home town close to the Bavarian Alps. I led a children's group and supported children with physical and mental disabilities in their families.

Later, in my professional life as a qualified social worker, I concentrated on working with mentally ill children and adolesences with the background of socially disadvantaged families.

I worked with refugee children from Somalia, Afghanistan and Syria and was part of a project for street children in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.

In Portugal, I supported german kids who - due to traumatic experiences in their early childhood - could not withstand the pressure of the system and needed a break from all of it. Our goal was that these kids get to know themselves and develop wishes and perspectives for their own lives.

Different systems where my "work homes": various NGOs (independent non-governmental organizations) as well as the youth care department.


All of these experiences extended my horizon as a social worker enormously and gave me insights into a wide variety of (family) systems.

When I became a mother myself, I felt a strong need to do everything right. I wanted to give my children a happy and healthy life, whatever it demanded. In my professional life I saw children and families suffering over and over again - I didn't want this to happen to my family. My children should experience "the perfect childhood" and at the same time I wanted to be "the perfect mother".

Very quickly, I was confronted with the challenges that parenthood has in store. 

I found my way to study about parenting and exchanged ideas with colleagues to find selected concepts which support attachment oriented parenthood with an holistic point of view - and at the same time simplify life as mom or dad. I finally extended my studies to support families at a high professional level.


Sometimes it's just a small change or the right information that can make a big difference.

I got to experience it myself.

It finally became my passion to support families so that children have a fulfilled childhood but not losing sight of the well-being of the parents at the same time. As both belong together!


what I offer.

My goal is to provide families with the best possible support at a high professional level.

The consultations are individual, depending on the situation and needs.

I have expanded my professional competence in the past years as:

  • bonding-oriented sleep consultant according to 1001babynights®,

  • systemic parent coach (IFW),

  • FenKid® course instructor,

  • bonding expert (BdB "bonding through touches") and

  • breastfeeding support (AFS)

  • systemic individual, couple and family therapist (DGSF) in training

Due to my own special family situation, I enjoy working with multicultural and multilingual families.

My personal experiences of giving birth in a foreign country and traveling with the family extended my horizon.


I offer my consultations in english or german - by phone or video call.




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+491573 4390961 (germany)

Telegram: @ParaFamilias

Looking  forward to hearing from you!

I will come back to you asap.

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